JESSIQUOI is Switzerland’s big secret that is about to get out. A music producer and performer originally from Australia, her beats flow somewhere between fresh Electronica, Rap, World Music and a hint of Pop. Her sound and performance are scratching that itch we all have for ‘that certain je ne sais quoi’ – or rather that certain ‘Jessiquoi’. Her notoriety for her extremely engaging live shows is building quickly, with performances at Switzerland’s biggest festivals auch as Zürich Openair Festival, Gurten Festival, Lethargy Festival, Swiss national television and her most recent single on national radio, her reputation as the next big thing is starting to bubble from the underground up to the surface. Most recently she was awarded both ‘Best Electronic’ and ‘Demo of the Year’ a out of nearly 800 entries at the M4Music festival in Zurich. She certainly has ruffled the feathers of the Swiss scene. A goddess of DIY, she takes the stage with her own hand-made, LED laden wooden wagon, which is an artistic light show display for itself. Then she hits the audience with her dance, her voice and displays full control of her many electronic instruments and effects. Her vocals, colourful costumes and wild make-up embody a sheer and untamed creativity. She combines these elements live on stage so effortlessly that you might do a double take at first. It’s no wonder that Jessiquoi seems to be constantly getting booked for shows. As if that weren’t enough, all her material is completely self-produced, including the GuZheng (Chinese harp) she brought back home to sample, because that’s how modern goddesses roll these days.
Although sometimes compared to Die Antwoord and M.I.A, Grimes, she actually draws inspiration from her favourite games, Japanese anime, cartoons and books which influence not only her sound but the visual presentation of her work. Jessiquoi likes to abstract versions of herself and put them into stories set in other contexts, rather than write purely biographical material. This results in the musical material being somewhat otherworldly, slightly ahead of its time. She is currently working on a debut album, ‘Glitch Trigger’, due for release in May 2019, which follows the stories of characters she invented and will be accompanied by a concept art booklet. Singles ‘The Addict’ and ‘The Sentry’ will also be released in November 2018 and March 2019 respectively. JESSIQUOI has a fierce vision and is not so easy to compare after all!